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     Meet Blu, this gentle giant Newfoundland is looking for his forever home. Blu came to the shelter for not being fond of the excitable preschooler in the home, so dog-savvy children 12 years old and over are recommended. Blu needs lots of extra space to roam, and should have a person familiar with the breed and understands that large breed dogs can be a big financial responsibility. To adopt Blu, please visit Bangor Humane Society.

  Meet Calypso, a gorgeous, fluffy girl with a strong personality. She is very sweet, loyal, and loving, though she doesn't have much patience for those who can't read her social cues. Calypso wants to be her person's one and only kitty -- she may be spayed, but that won't stop her from being a queen! To learn more about adopting Calypso, please contact HART Adoption Center & Shelter for Cats.






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     Afghanistan may be war-torn and desolate, but it also has beautiful pets waiting for homes. Our Website of the Week is Nowzad dogs, which features dogs and cats from Afghanistan's only animal shelter. The animals inside this shelter are extremely cute and amazingly beautiful.

According to the website, "When we first found out last year that we needed to find a new home for the Nowzad animal shelter due to circumstances beyond our control, it was a rather stressful and worrying time for the charity. But with thanks to the kindness and generosity of our fantastic supporters our fears were soon alleviated." The Nowzad Conrad Lewis Clinic for small animals is funded solely by generous donations. Two Afghan national veterinarians have been expertly trained by the generous support of Dr. Mohammad of Mayhew International, London, and Dr. Susan Chadima of Maine, who have both given up so much of their time to teach, oversee and support the Afghan vets to learn new valuable skills that have now seen the clinic carry out extremely necessary amputations on street dogs injured in road accidents, dentistry on cats with severe teeth problems, a tumor removal from a much-loved soldier's adopted dog, as well as the constant need for neutering and spaying of the stray population. See more at Nowzad's medical clinic page.

"With the shelter lease secured, we now have been told that our lease on the clinic, cattery and secure staff accommodation is not going to be renewed, and that the clinic has just two months to move," the website stated. "Having secure accommodation is vital in what is technically; still a country at war with daily threats aimed at western aid agencies."  

"This time we have decided to improve upon what we currently have and build a legacy for animal welfare in Afghanistan that will last long after the proposed troops pull out in 2014," the website added.

The shelter is hoping to collect about $125,000 in donations to secure a site for improved clinic facilities and serve as an educational base for Afghan national trainee vets. Along with reducing the threat of rabies, more staff would be trained to promote the benefits of animal welfare.

Take a look and fall in love with the Nowzad dogs of Afghanistan and donate if you can.

Check it Out!

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Animal Almanac

May 16, 2022 

   1903:  The Evening World of New York City praised "a little insect with a nasty sting," the wasp ... "the importation of a peculiar kind of wasp from Smyrna has been responsible for the raising of 6,000,000 pounds of figs in California last year ... in the case of the wasp, if it had not been introduced into California it would have been impossible to raise figs there." The wasp fertilized the flower of the fig.

   1903:  Stephenson, Mich. -- "But for his cat, August Jankowski, an old Menominee county settler, residing at Cedar River, would in all probability perished in the flames which destroyed his house. Jankowski was awakened by midnight by the cat pulling at his bedclothes and scratching him on the hands. On sitting up he discovered the building was on fire and was only able to save a trunk and a gun before the roof fell in. That he got out in time he attributes solely to the efforts of the cat. The origin of the blaze is supposed to have been from a defective chimney. Jankowski had no insurance and his loss is total." -- The Minneapolis Journal

   2013:  Manhattan (N.Y.) Borough President Scott Stringer issued a blistering expose on the failure of New York City's animal shelters during Hurricane Sandy. He charged that the municipal shelters "took in no animals, there was no field operations, no outreach and no presence." Defenders called the charges "outrageous."

Pig in slaughterhouse comforted by animal activist

Should it be a crime to film at factory farms? The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is pushing such bills in six states.

Factory farm film

Animal activists see such legislation as a way to hide mistreatment and abuse of animals. The proposals mandate that evidence of animal abuse be turned over to law enforcement within 48 hours, or face a financial penalty. This video shows abuse at a factory farm.


The mandatory microchipping of dogs was the hands-down winner of our last poll. 

Your Comments:

On mandatory microchipping: 

"There is no way to enforce this policy with back yard breeders and  Most Pit Bull breeders are backyard breeders."

 "If a vicious attack were to occur in the future, microchips may lead to the culpable dog owner.

  - Lidio 

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